About Me

Senior android developer with over 10 years’ experience working across the full app lifecycle. A strong background in solving complex problems efficiently and beautifully, with a specialism in cutting edge techniques, including dependency injection and test-driven development. Regularly engages in training courses, self-development and often attends events and conferences to stay firmly positioned at the front of the field.

  • Testimonial
    Vitória Silva, Senior Project Manager at Maido

    Mat is the kind of professional you want to have in your team for the success and quality of projects/products. He is an outstanding developer, knows how to work collaboratively, has a creative and problem solving approach and is transparent and trustworthy. I highly recommend Mat!

  • Testimonial
    Jonathan Selbie, Director at Swarm Systems Ltd.

    I have worked with Mat for over four years. He developed an application for us targeted at a specific mobile OS that had to interface to custom hardware. The application included a beautiful and simple-to-use GUI. Mat is an articulate communicator, thinks logically, develops creative solutions to complex problems and works well in a team. Mat has developed an understanding of the value of testing systems that have to operate in the real world before releasing software to a client.

  • Testimonial
    Brandon Purdy,

    When I think of how to describe Mat to someone, I instantly think of Geordi La Forge walking into Picards ready room while the Commander tells him "Before you say anything, the last thing we want to hear is that it can't be done" followed by the typical La Forge response of "You've got it".

    I've had the pleasure of working with Mat for several years now. With each project Mat goes above and beyond the normal expectations set by a client or myself. He consistently demonstrates a high degree of expertise and has never said that something couldn't be accomplished.

    His methodology has always been open, he takes criticism well and is always inviting to questions (particularly those that he finds a challenge). Mat loves to solve problems and in his field, thats a win.

    I always look forward to working with Mat on projects and he truly has earned my highest recommendation