Nexus Dreams (Added daydream support in Nexus Live Wallpaper)

To celebrate getting over 3 million downloads, I pushed another update to my livewallpaper. This update adds supports for “dreams”. A dream in android is similar to a screensaver that is optionally display while a device is either charging, docked or both. It looks like the image below:

Nexus Dreams

Nexus Dreams

To turn on dreams on your device go to settings, display, daydreams.

Nexus Dreams

Nexus Dreams

You can download Nexus Revamped from the Google play store below:

Free Version

Android app on Google Play

Pro Version

Android app on Google Play


  1. R Potter

    The version just posted on Google Play does not function for me. Do you have a link to the last version you posted on Play that works on a Galaxy S3?

  2. mat

    I’ve just updated the google play version to fix a bug some users were seeing on the Galaxy S3. Please try again it should be fixed for you 🙂

  3. Isiah Rabeneck

    Found this on MSN and I’m happy I did. Well written article.

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