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Nexus Revamped updates (1.98.14)

Wallpaper has now past 600,000 downloads ^_^ and thought I should blog about the recent changes.

I made a promo image for the wallpapers that should be visible on the market place any time now. I have limited art skills so this is the best I could come up with:

Nexus Revamped promo image

Nexus Revamped promo image

Jazz-hands (multi-touch)

I managed to fix a bug with multi-touch in my code, thanks to this question on stackoverflow. This now means that my wallpaper will work with up to 10 fingers or “jazz-hands”. This also fixes some of the crashes that were occurring on devices with 3.1 and up.

Save / load themes

I’ve also added the option for users to save their own themes so that if you have a few you like you don’t have to keep changing all the settings back and forth. This is also a step towards the next update I have planned whereby users can upload/download themes with a rating system and all the junk.

Save custom themes

Save custom themes

Better tablet / honeycomb support
I’ve added several improvements for large screen devices / tablets, the whole wallpaper is scaled effectively so that it no longer is just a giant zoomed in version of the phone wallpaper, and multiple more graphical changes to improve usability.

Nexus Revamped on a xoom

Nexus Revamped on a xoom

Android Market Links
Either click the following android market links (in android phone) or search the market for nexus revamped.
Pro Version
Nexus Revamped Pro Live Wallpaper (com.stealthcopter.nexusrevampedpro)


Free Version

The free version is the same as the pro version but with some of the fancier features are missing, and some non-intrusive adverts. Both versions are fully supported.

Nexus Revamped Live Wallpaper (com.stealthcopter.nexusrevamped)


Full changelog (since last blog post at version 1.98.01)


  • Bug Fix: Multi-touch force close bug fixed
  • Improved: Due to above bug fix, multi-touch now supports more fingers. This is great for tablets with ‘jazz hands’ support (more than 5 fingers!)
  • Added: Ability to save custom themes (Preset > User)
  • Added: Red Grid theme
  • Improved: Thumbnail images in preset menu scaled to screensize


  • Added: New & exciting Color changer dialog!
  • Added: Loads of new textures, try adding a background tint to make these more personal!
  • Added: German translation (thanks Steven!)
  • Added: Danish translation (thanks Johan!)
  • Added: Russian translation (thanks Dmitry!)
  • Added: Licence information
  • Improved: Transparent theme consistent throughout all settings now
  • Improved: Wallpaper changes scale based on screensize to better suit tablets etc.
  • Improved: Honeycomb background was a bit shoddy, fixed!
  • Improved: Icons/gfx more suitable for range of screensizes
  • Improved: Background tints are applied once on bitmaps rather than every frame, saving cpu time 🙂
  • Removed: Some unused functions and boring code
  • Bug Fix: Appearance bug in changelog fixed (doh!)


  • Added: Spanish translation (thanks Hector!)
  • Added: Swedish translation (thanks Joar!)
  • Added: Preset option for quick setting of common themes
  • Help me: if you want to add translations please email me!
  • Added: Added a cool carbon fibre background option!
  • Added: Differentiation between market places
  • Bug Fix: When configuring livewallpaper via launcher pro or similar some settings were not automatically updated
  • Bug Fix: Email in the about section will actually fill in my email address, surprise nobody spotted this sooner! Also added some information into each email to help me with issues.


  • Bug Fix: Minor bug in revert to default settings
  • Bug Fix: Minor bug in open application from market or settings


  • Added: Power saver in the reactions menu, can make the wallpaper static when battery reaches a certain percentage.
  • Added: Norwegian translation added (thanks Dan!)
  • Added: Obfuscation for improved efficiency and to help decrease piracy
  • Bug Fix: Glow size was forgotten on screen power off


  • Added: Particle scaling, like the Nexus S live wallpaper
  • Improved: Got sexy transparent menus working again, enjoy!
  • Improved: Dialogs look better on small screens and with different orientations; some screens are now scrollable in the next version this will be replaced with a better solution 🙂
  • Moved: Disable analytics is now in advanced menu
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a FC bug
  • Bug Fix: Using a custom background then renaming the file will no longer cause a FC


  • Added: Option to display FPS on screen (Advanced > FPS)
  • Added: Rotation on battery level
  • Bug fix: Memory leak from using custom backgrounds fixed (hopefully)
  • Bug fix: When Multi-touch option was disabled normal touch would not function
  • Improved: Code backend made more efficient by combining some classes
  • Added: Cool new background called “The Grid”
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