Alarm Clock Plugin for Sony Ericsson LiveView uploaded to market

Following my previous two posts about Sony Ericssons LiveView (Quick Review and SDK & development) I have released my Alarm Clock Plugin for Sony Ericsson LiveView!

Find it on the android market:

Would love some feedback from anyone with a LiveView, there must be someone else out there who has one right?

Sony Ericsson LiveView Alarm Clock Plugin

Sony Ericsson LiveView Alarm Clock Plugin


  1. Jacob

    App seems great, sadly i don’t have Gingerbread to give it a go. I did have a question about developing the app though. I am kind of let down that this device isn’t bigger and thus missing a few functions/apps I would like to see. I have a little background in programming but nothing as big as an app and I’ve never touched Java. Was wondering if it would even be possible to write an app to communicate with Endomondo and send info such as avg. pace, speed, distance, etc. to the Liveview for quick access. I am currently reading over the documentation and looking at the code for the tutorial but I’d hate to spend a month on something that I can’t even do.

  2. mat

    Well I don’t know anything about endomodo, but if you can get that information nomrally in an android program then there is no reason why you couldn’t send that information to be displayed on the live view.

  3. Juluo2

    The link don’t work. Very bad news for me. Can you upload the apk, please ?

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