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Nexus Revamped Live Wallpaper: Update 1.98.01 (Multi-touch and more!) #android

To celebrate getting over 1/4 million downloads of my live wallpaper I decided to put extra effort into fixing problems some of my users were having. A common gripe with live wallpapers is the amount of battery they use and the associated performance hit when navigating on the home screen. I used to use java drawables to create and manipulate all of the particles on the screen, but I have successfully moved over to OpenGL-ES. This has an impressive benefit in performance (back of the envelope calculation shows >13x performance increase) and also improves the overall sexyness as OpenGL handles the blending nicely.

Anyway enough of the boring stuff, let’s see what’s new. Something I’m REALLY excited about (hence the caps) is multi-touch! It is so much fun just playing with a blank home screen creating particles! Unfortunatly this isn’t something which translates well into a screenshot, so you’ll just have to try it out for yourself.

Nexus Revamped 1.98.01 screenshot

Nexus Revamped 1.98.01 screenshot

New Particle Appearance Screen

New Particle Appearance Screen

I’d like to thank all of my beta testers for the very helpful feedback I have got over the past couple of weeks. There is much more to mention but I am now absolutely knackered. I’m sure I’ll follow this post up soon with some more interesting things. Enjoy!



  • Improved: Now using OpenGL to draw the live wallpaper, which should give approximately a 16x performance increase (awesome eh?)
  • Added: MULTI-TOUCH!!! :O
  • Improved: Lowered file size from over 1Mb to less than 300Kb
  • Added: Option to not spawn particles when dragging / swiping across screens etc, set by default
  • Added: Anayltics see which areas need improving
  • Added: Sexy Particle appearance dialog to set saturation and tail length
  • Removed: Tail length and particle saturation (see above)
  • Added: Custom colors for battery level colored particles
  • Added: Speed now allows you to set the minimum and maximum speed
  • Removed: Removed speed deviation (see above)
  • Improved: Scaling can go negative now (i.e. shrinking)
  • Improved: Lots of default values changed to make prettier on first run
  • Improved: Speed and Spawning decoupled from FPS settings, should be uniform now
  • Improved: Max FPS setting now 80 (25 is recommended still)
  • Improved: Max speed increased
  • Improved: Max tail size increased
  • Improved: Max particle number increased
  • Improved: Added some nice icons in the about menu
  • Bug Fix: Particle alignment works more consistently on different screen sizes and scales

Android Market Links
Either click the following android market links (in android phone) or search the market for nexus revamped.
Pro Version
Nexus Revamped Pro Live Wallpaper (com.stealthcopter.nexusrevampedpro)


Free Version

The free version is the same as the pro version but with some of the fancier features are missing, and some non-intrusive adverts. Both versions are fully supported.

Nexus Revamped Live Wallpaper (com.stealthcopter.nexusrevamped)

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