More Dead Zebra Android mini collectible figurines arrive

I have received some more dead zebra android figures from deal extreme following on from the green ones I got and my all the ones yet to arrive. Unfortunately as matto pointed out (and I suspected) these are fakes and are not produced by Dead Zebra. Dealextreme are slightly infamous for the amount of bootlegged products. The quality of the painted figures is poor, but better than nothing (imho).


Hi-voltage dead zebra android figure

Hi-voltage dead zebra android figure

Can see the black behind the yellow outline and arms are coloured slightly differently.


Copperbot dead zebra android figure

Copperbot dead zebra android figure

Line along middle of head doesn’t line up but overall quite good quality


Reactor dead zebra android figure

Reactor dead zebra android figure

Overall quite good but again the arms don’t quite match, the glow in the dark is very cool though. Below shows photos of the reactor android figure under UV light and then it’s residual glow (apologies for my poor photography skills)

All together

Dead Zebra figures from dealextreme


  1. Matt Oakes

    I have the copperbot one and I have a standard green on the way. Might upload some comparison shots when I get back to university. They looks ok though. Nothing wrong with them as such

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  3. Andrew B

    Hey Mat,

    Man these really look like crap! You should demand a refund and file a complaint and a negative review, that may be one way to help prevent other people from getting screwed.

    I’m not sure where this post originated since it’s been syndicated, but if you can prove you’re the author go ahead and send me a message through the or contact form and i’ll see about getting you some legit product.

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  5. mat

    @Andrew B, Thanks ^_^ I’ve sent you a message via the deadzebra contact form.

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