First set of Dead Zebra Android mini collectible figurines arrive

WOOOOOO! Some of my Dead Zebra Android figures arrived (as mentioned in this post). Only the plain green ones so far, but I’ve ordered 1 of each of the other types.

Avaliable to buy at dealextreme. The last couple of photos have the android figure standing on some aerogel on my desk.


  1. Rory

    I’m glad you got yours in, I’m still waiting and the status (as of 12/31/10, yes, no update since then) is “Waiting for Supplier”.

  2. Matt Oakes

    Donno how to put this but those are fake ones, not the official dead zebra ones:

    Take a look at the seem on the arms. None of mine that I ordered from the dead zebra shop have that.

  3. mat

    @Matt Yeah I had a feeling they’d probably be fakes (given that they’re on DX) but they are pretty good ones. I’ve been trying to purchase the real ones for ages but can never get hold of them, so the fakes will have to do.

  4. Matt Oakes

    Follow @deadzebra on Twitter. He posts on there the second he adds any figure onto the shop. Out of the blue he added some green ones today and I snagged one of them. They’d sold out after a very short amount of time though :S

  5. mat

    @Matt I was for ages but could never get any in time 🙁

  6. […] have received some more dead zebra android figures from deal extreme following on from the green ones I got and my all the ones yet to arrive. Unfortunately as matto pointed out (and I suspected) these are […]

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