Dead Zebra android mini collectible figurines

Note: These are not official deadzebra figures, they are fakes and some of the paintwork is poor, please see this post

I love the Dead zebra android toys but I’ve found that they are impossible to get a hold of any. Thankfully dealextreme have them in stock 🙂 each picture links to the dealextreme page for each android:

Most of the figures cost around $5 with some of them a little bit more $7.50 (suit, space invader, tribal). I’ll post an update with images when they arrive.


  1. Kenny Tran

    Cute Robot

  2. […] mat on January 5th, 2011 WOOOOOO! Some of my Dead Zebra Android figures arrived (as mentioned in this post). Only the plain green ones so far, but I’ve ordered 1 of each of the other types. […]

  3. WD


    i posted a comment on the the “Photos with my new usb microscope (20X-400X 1.3MP Digital Microscope)” post

    if you have time, could you please respond to it? i would ‘preciate it!

  4. Ben

    i find the have Android Mini Collectibles 01-12 sales and android mini speaker 🙂

  5. Lladro

    Never heard of Dead Zebra figurines before your post. Guess I have lived a sheltered life. Would you be interested in sending me an article that I will post on my website?

    Thanks for considering.


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