Nexus Revamped Pro update v1.1.10 (google android live wallpaper)

I have issued a MASSIVE update for my Nexus Revamped Live Wallpaper Pro (This follows from my previous updates in this post)


The gallery below first shows the options avaliable, some examples, and then some examples used with launcherpro. Click on each image to see a larger version, as these images are cropped.

I will post a video soon to demonstrate the app as it has improved significantly since the first video I have made.

New Features
This version includes some very exciting and highly demanded features:

  • Custom particle colors: Use a color wheel to select custom colors for each of the particles
  • Performance options: You can now adjust the desired FPS (frames per second) of the live wallpaper, this means that you can save battery life and increase responsiveness of your home screen. To find the optimum FPS I recommend that you try reducing the frame-rate until the point where you start to notice some jittering then increase it slightly.
  • Custom background images: Select a custom image to be used for the background.
  • Speed Deviation: You can now set how much the speed will deviate on a per-particle basis. A low setting will mean all particles travel at similar speeds whereas a high setting will mean there is a large amount of variance in speed (particles will overtake each other)
  • Reaction to battery level: Selecting this will cause the particles speed to represent the battery life of your phone. The less power your phone has the slower the particles will move.
  • Seekbar settings: Many of the settings (Speed, Speed Deviation, Tail length, FPS, and Saturation) which previously had a list to choose the values have been replaced with seekbar to allow improved customisation
  • New themes: please email me with more theme requests
  • Many bug fixes: Especially one that stopped custom background from working when rebooting the phone (reset settings to defaults), this was because the SD card isn’t ready when the live wallpaper starts.

I have also also pushed most of the updates down to the free version of this application, but some options are left out to reward the paying customers (custom background images, and custom particle colors)

Android Market Links
Either click the following android market links (in android phone) or search the market for nexus revamped.
Pro Version
Nexus Revamped Pro Live Wallpaper (com.stealthcopter.nexusrevampedpro)


Free Version

Nexus Revamped Live Wallpaper (com.stealthcopter.nexusrevamped)

Download link


I have plans and ideas for the future of this application, please complete the poll below to indicate what you’d like to see in this app or leave feedback (comment) if you have any.

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