Nexus one 2600mAh high capacity battery replacement

I have a nexus one which has comparatively decent battery life to other smart phones, lasting about 1 day with casual usage. The battery that comes with the nexus one is 1400mAh, but I noticed dealextreme are selling a 2600mAh replacement battery.

Nexus one high capacity battery (2600mAh)

Nexus one high capacity battery (2600mAh)

The battery costs $14.00 (£8.81) which will give an extra 85% increase in charge. This means the that my nexus one should last closer to 2 days with casual use now, I have ordered one and will update with some benchmarks when it arrives (unfortunately not in time for my camping weekend).


  1. Chris

    Check out this thread on XDA about various batteries and tests.

    It seems the stock battery is amazingly good and actually has the capacity that is advertised, but the replacements not so much, . Might be interesting to add your test results to the thread (even if it isn’t as thorough as the OP there)

  2. Christopher Browne

    I picked up the equivalent one for my HTC G1/Dream.

    A few downsides:

    1. Since the battery is twice as thick, it came with a replacement rear for the phone that’s got a big “butt” sticking out to accommodate the larger battery.

    2. I’ve got a dock/charger (came from DX :-)), with a slot to charge spare batteries. Unfortunately, the orientation is such that the big butt battery won’t fit. No good for charging the Cool Big Battery.

    3. There seems to be something funky about getting the Big Butt Battery to charge. It lasts a way long time, but doesn’t seem to want to recharge. Tried yesterday without much joy.

    The Nexus One version may turn out more happily, but there are possible caveats.

  3. mat

    @Chris Yes I was planning on testing it once I have received it to see how the performance actually compared.

    @Christopher Browne All good points, I will comment on them when I receive my battery. Lets hope it turns out better than yours 🙂

  4. Simon

    There is an issue with some Dealextreme products; what the sticker claims may not be exactly what the product can do. Sadly, this is somewhat common with batteries on DX. You need a customer to buy and report back their experience.

    I hope however this comes out a good product for you.

  5. mat

    @Simon I hope it is good, it tends to be hit and miss with DX but I have sufficient electronics here to give it a good testing. Will post a review on here and on the DX website (if it ever arrives, apparently they are awaiting stock)…

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  7. Vipul

    Did you get the battery finally?
    Any updates? Reviews? Benchmarks?

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