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Polygon live wallpaper

Following the success of my first live wallpaper (Nexus Revamped Pro) I have created another. The wallpaper bares similarity to the windows screensaver mystify but much more ascetically pleasing.


  • Background color
  • Polygon color or cycle through a range of colors
  • Line thickness
  • Number of apexes
  • Number of trails
  • Speed of movement
  • Performance settings, anti-aliasing and Frames per second (FPS)
  • More to come soon, feel free to request something!



Market Links

Polygon Live Wallpaper (com.stealthcopter.polygon)


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Best spam comment ever

Just noticed this little beauty sitting in my comment spam, found it hilerious so I thought I’d share it:

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Needless to say I’ve purchased several penis enlargement kits to ensure this persons safety.


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