Nexus Revamped Pro updated (google android live wallpaper)

I thought it was about time for another post about Nexus Revamped Live Wallpaper Pro as a follow up to this post.

Nexus Revampe Pro Update Screenshot

Nexus Revampe Pro Update Screenshot

Following the original release many updates have gone by and I have received numerous emails with feedback and suggestions which are very much appreciated. Several additional features have been added and there are many more on the way.


  • more themes for background and particles
  • White nexus theme due to popular demand (thanks for the emails)
  • improved performance (still optimising, future upgrades will be even better)
  • Option to change tail length
  • Seperated single-color and multi-color backgrounds/particle colors (more to come soon!)
  • preliminary support for smaller screens
Nexus Revampe Pro Update Screenshot - Colors

Nexus Revampe Pro Update Screenshot - Colors

Nexus Revampe Pro Update - Theme settings

Nexus Revampe Pro Update - Theme settings

Nexus Revampe Pro Update - Black and white theme

Nexus Revampe Pro Update - Black and white theme

Nexus Revampe Pro Update - Tail length

Nexus Revampe Pro Update - Tail length

Nexus Revampe Pro Update - No tails, long tails and short tails

Nexus Revampe Pro Update - No tails, long tails and short tails

I will also push updates down to the free version of this application soon, but some options will be left out to reward the paying customers 🙂

Android Market Links
Either click the following android market links (in android phone) or search the market for nexus revamped.
Pro Version
Nexus Revamped Pro Live Wallpaper (com.stealthcopter.nexusrevampedpro)


Free Version

Nexus Revamped Live Wallpaper (com.stealthcopter.nexusrevamped)

Download link


I have plans and ideas for the future of this application, please complete the poll below to indicate what you’d like to see in this app or leave feedback (comment) if you have any.

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  1. Milind

    Can’t find it on the market. Either through the QR code or a manual search for “Nexus Revamped” or the Cyrket link. Also the first QRCode is for Word Cube Free.

  2. mat

    @Milind I’ve fixed the QR code, thanks. What phone and version are you running? Some people with 2.2 (froyo) have found that it is not in the market as have people in some foreign markets such as hong kong.

  3. mat

    @mat Also google seems to have just resolved an issue with the market, perhaps this will fix these problems

  4. Milind

    Just tried. Still can’t see it. I have the G1 with cyanogen’s 2.1 modded ROM. I’m in India right now so I can’t access paid apps on the Market, but I can access free apps. I don’t have a problem getting other live wallpapers. So I don’t think it’s the device. I have had a problem getting one app just when the Market was started about a year or so again. The dev got something changed in the Market to make it visible world wide. Maybe something’s not correctly classified for the wallpaper.

  5. Lawrence

    mat that still didnt fix the problem. i still cant find it in the market…not sure whats wrong

  6. mat

    @Milind @Lawrence You may have to wait for an update to your cyanogen mod for the update for the market to take place (someone else suggested this to me, as I don’t know much about it). In the mean time, I can share with you an apk for the free version, or a beta for the next paid version.

  7. zak

    It force closes every time I try to set it

  8. Lawrence

    a free version .apk would be great…thanks

  9. Mark

    i too can’t find this app in the market. i have a rooted legend that supports live wallpaper. please send me the free apk version too please.

  10. mat

    @Lawrence @Mark I have added the following link into the above blog post:

    Download link

    Enjoy, sorry for delay!

  11. Mark

    thanks heaps! i tried upgrading but it says requested item not found.

  12. Anthony

    I tried the free version and when i go to settings , theme options, background tint and enable that to a color, red for example.. when i go to close out of the application on my EVO i get force closers … the application works fine except for when i enable background tint ..

    i was looking to purchase the pro version but wanted to get this figured out first … no sure if i will have other issues with all the added options in the pro version with the EVO as well … running official OS .. not rooted.

  13. Anthony

    i set the backgroud pic to black instead of nexus dark and i no longer get the force closures .. i guess if u have any of the nexus backgrounds and try and add a tint .. it does not work .. should prob make a note of that within settings…

  14. mat

    @Anthony I had a similar issue a while ago, and I thought I had fixed it; I will look into this for you. I wouldn’t have thought it’d be phone-specific but I havn’t had any other users mention anything recently.

    It should work with the background images, and at least for me this is working on my phone. I will push an update through on Monday or Tuesday for the free version.

  15. 00001001

    I recently bought your Nexus One Revamped live wallpaper, its great!!! But I would like to make a suggestion if I may? Do you see how the regular version of the wallaper has that Grey Diamond-Shaped background. If possible, I would like an option of a darker version of that background. Not so dark that it takes out too much detail out but enough to have good contrast with red/green/blue/white digital-neurons. I hope to hear from you about this possible option. I think it would add much more depth to your live wallpaper.

  16. […] the update of nexus revamped pro, I have upgraded the free edition! This upgrade brings many improvements over the last version and […]

  17. Mike

    Before I purchased your paid version I was running NexusMod 2.0 Live Wallpaper and love it. I decided to try yours since you had a lot more customization. My deal breaker is that you can’t customize your own particle colors. What’s up with that? I went back to running NexusMod2.0 with my 4 custom color particles. Can you add this?

  18. mat

    @Mike I’m working on this! it wont be too long away (week or two)

  19. Mike

    @mat Great! Thanks for the quick reply!

  20. Mike

    @mat Also one more thing that NexusMod 2.0 doesn’t have, the ability to save multiple color schemes, like a favorites list, so you can quickly change back and forth to your most used wallpapers.

  21. Brandon

    Hi, I was wondering if this live wallpaper app works on for a certain version of android? (Ex:1.6,2.1,2.2)

    Phone: My Touch 3g with Google (running on 1.6)

  22. Brandon

    Works only for@Brandon

  23. mat

    @Brandon LiveWallpapers were only introduced in version 2.1 so will work on anything greater than or equal to 2.1

  24. mat

    @Mike I’ve now updated the program to allow custom backgrounds and custom particle colors

  25. Amanda

    I saw this live wallpaper on my husbands phone market.I tried to find on mine and it isnt in my market, we have the same exact phone,droids bought the same day! Please help I wanted to purchace. Thanks for your help. 🙂

  26. keith

    Whats Hide Spawning mean? Any help is needed.

  27. mat

    @Amanda I don’t know what the problem is with that, something on google’s end.

    @keith Spawning means creation, so if spawning is hidden new particles will only be created off screen. When they are not hidden they can randomly spawn on the screen (in the same way a finger touch will spawn them)

  28. joe

    hey i cant find in market place! =(….i tried the free version and its nice i would love to be able to make the particles thicker/thinner

  29. […] the success of my first live wallpaper (Nexus Revamped Pro) I have created another. The wallpaper bares similarity to the windows screensaver mystify but much […]

  30. keith

    Theres nothing in the market place can you just sale it here and we usepaypal?

  31. mat

    @keith If you send me an email we can sort it out:
    nexus at

  32. […] other day and it isn't in the market for the Eris. You can theme it to be like the Droid's also. Nexus Revamped Pro updated (google android live wallpaper) Attached […]

  33. Manniakk

    I can`t see both versions in the market too. Samsung Galaxy S Android 2.1. tried both paid and free. If i download the apk from the link it works OK….

  34. Paul P

    I would love to buy the pro version but neither the pro or free version appear in the market for me , I have a Samsung Galaxy S (Vibrant on tmobile) . The free version download here works really well.

  35. mat

    @Manniakk @Paul P (and anyone else who can’t find it on the market) Still unsure why it’s not appearing 🙁 Best I can currently do is offer you a copy of the beta version. Send an email to beta at
    if you are interested.

  36. Tommy

    I installed it but have no clue where it is, my phone isnt rooted I have 2.1 update on samsung moment and cant find it i installed it and it shows installed so where do i go to start this up at ????

  37. mat

    @Tommy To use live wallpapers, press and hold on the home screen, you should then see a menu, select wallpapers > live wallpapers > nexus revamped

    Enjoy 🙂

  38. Tommy

    I only see Wallpapers > then it pops up select wallpaper from > pictures or wallpaper gallary

  39. Tommy

    I only see Wallpapers > then it pops up select wallpaper from > pictures or wallpaper gallary

  40. Tommy

    I hold the home key and i get email browser file viewer and package installer which i already installed 5 times now and if i push settings wallpapers then its just from pictures or wallpaper gallery

  41. Tommy

    Help LOL

  42. mat

    @Tommy I guess your phone doesn’t support live wallpapers, you can check by seeing if you can find any in the market.

  43. Tommy

    I did root my phone but i put it back to normal culd this have caused the issue?

  44. mat

    @Tommy No, you will need to install a custom rom to enable live wallpapers if it is disabled by default (Search google for this with ur phone name/model). Note that if live wallpapers are disabled by default for you then you phone may not be fast enough to run live wallpapers well.

  45. kHan

    plzz optimize it for the g1 too slow on g1

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