Nexus Revamped (free) updated (live wallpaper)

Following the update of nexus revamped pro, I have upgraded the free edition! This upgrade brings many improvements over the last version and should have a considerable performance increase, therefore less lagging and better battery life.

Nexus Revamped Live Wallpaper in action

Nexus Revamped Live Wallpaper in action

Below details what options the Nexus Revamped Live Wallpaper now has to offer:

Theme options

Nexus Revamped Live Wallpaper Theme Settings

Nexus Revamped Live Wallpaper Theme Settings

Background Themes

  • Image – Choose a background image
  • Single Color – Choose a background color

Background Options

  • Background Tint – Give the chosen background a colored tint

Particle Themes

  • Multi-color – Choose a mutli-color theme for the particles
  • Single Color – Choose a single color theme for the particles

Physics Settings

Nexus Revamped Live Wallpaper Physics Settings

Nexus Revamped Live Wallpaper Physics Settings

  • Touch interaction – Enables/disables finger pressing causing spawning of particles
  • Hide spawning – Enables/disables particles only spawning offscreen
  • Speed – Choose the speed of the particles
  • Spawn Density – Choose how often particles are created


Nexus Revamped Live Wallpaper (com.stealthcopter.nexusrevamped)

Download link



  1. Nick

    For some reason this does not show in the market for me (stock Droid w/2.1). I currently have 1.0.35 and would like to update. Could you post a link to this update?

  2. mat

    @Nick Sorry to hear you can’t find it on the market, I believe this is a problem on google’s end not mine. Anyway you can download all my free applications from the android part of my website (still work in progress):

    Direct link for to download the Nexus Revamped Live Wallpaper:

  3. Nick

    Thank you! I really appreciate it and great work on the app.

  4. Mike

    I really like this program and got the pro version. The one issue I am seeing is that everything goes back to default after a reboot. I am hoping that could be fixed in a future release. Thanks!

  5. mat

    @Mike Glad you like it. The settings reverting to defaults is only a problem when you select a custom background at the moment which are still experimental! I will issue fix for this soon!

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