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This page was created for feedback from users of wordcube available via the wordcube website or as an app for android phones (available in market). Filling in these polls and leaving feedback will help improve wordcube for everyone.

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Thanks for your feedback. Please post any bugs, suggestions, complaints or ideas below.


  1. Tim

    Curiously…curious isn’t allowed when curiously is….surely this is the dictionary of the devil…!

  2. am


    Arab was not acceptable but maria/rabbi was?

  3. Lorraine

    Just discovered this site 🙂 Love it! My favorite solitary game.

    re: 2015/05/13

    words not accepted – lunk, unlit, clit, rucking 🙁

  4. Ann On

    lots of legitimate words do not get accepted eg fascia.. You need to improve your dictionary

  5. Lorraine

    re: 2015/05/22
    How could labor not be accepted??????

  6. Anne

    “Oven” but not “ovens”?

  7. Anne

    “Emerges” but not “emerge”?

  8. Anne

    “Bandwagon” but not “wagon”?

  9. Anne

    “Pram” but not “prams”?

  10. Bob

    2016/02/03 WordCube Puzzle:
    You allow “unsmiling” as a 9-letter word, but don’t allow “smiling”?
    Not very happy today, are we?

  11. Richard

    Today’s word does not allow prize or prizes.

  12. Earl

    You accept mislays, but NEVER lays. People do get laid in England; who lays them?

  13. Stephen

    The list of words derived from “Subverted” is the most incomplete I have yet seen on this website. Missing were: breve, breves, brevet, brevets, duvets, evert and everts and, probably, a few more.

  14. Gill

    What about holt and holts and scientific words? Only just discovered this game, but find the range of words accepted very restricted and frustrating.

  15. Gill

    What is wrong with emerge in today’s puzzle?

  16. Bob

    2017/03/30 Puzzle — You allow “honorific” as the 9-letter word, which, when you click on the word to find its meaning, is defined as “doing or conferring HONOR”, (note the spelling of “honor” in the definition on-line), yet you do not allow “honor” as one of the words to find?

  17. mhd ali

    Try improving your dictionary, lots of legit words ARE NOT ACCEPTED!!!
    Just throw it away and use a new one for god’s sake!

  18. mhd ali

    Oh, yeah, and one more thing…

  19. Mhd ali

    Hey! There is an off offensive word in 16/04/17’s wordcube! How can you let this happen?! The word is:

  20. Mhd ali

    What is the point of finding the 9 letter word? There’s just no use! Nothing happens, it is only bold and italic, Nothing else happens!
    Try improving it to make sure something as well as bold and italic happens, in the fhture!

  21. Jax

    Reading some responses, I see some players have not noticed that the game uses British spellings such as labour and honour and tyre. But many games overlook many words; my peeve today is where is woad and wort?

  22. Earl

    Bosh, but not tosh, only one hobbit and no one gets the hots where you live? That’s the shits. Someone or something is massively lazy.

  23. Avigail Abarbanel

    Hi, why is ‘guitar’ not a word? (Wordcube 5/5/2018)… Thanks!

  24. Carol Westerdale
    6/5/18 siphon not a word. Figured out the hard way this is British English.

  25. Avigail Abarbanel

    Why is the word ‘risk’ not accepted (wordcube 27/8/2018)??

  26. Mel

    Can you please introduce a shuffle button for the outside letters? That would be amazing!

  27. Avigail Abarbanel

    What happened to today’s WordCube?? (23/7/2019)

  28. Lynne

    The puzzle has been blank twice in the last 2 weeks!!

  29. Avigail Abarbanel

    Hi, I really love WordCube and have been playing it for years despite the fact that it does not display well on Mac devices. The recent iOS update makes it even worse… the right hand column of letters in the matrix is hidden behind the solutions/rules panel. Could you please please fix it…? It’s clear you don’t want to make this available for Mac devices but some of us Mac users still love the puzzle and are missing out. I’d be prepared to pay for the app on the iOS App Store if you made it available… Thank you.

  30. Eileen

    Seriously, you need to use a dictionary that accepts American English spelling.

  31. Avigail Abarbanel

    What is wrong with the word ‘risk’? (Word cube 27th December)

  32. Avigail Abarbanel

    Hi, Re 2020-01-12 ‘raptor’ is a word… Thanks.

  33. Peri

    Same comment about acceptable words…frustrating. However, today for the first time when clicked on Solutions the words did not appear. The phrase including hide or show just alternated. What’s going on?

  34. peri

    Your Answers
    Count: 25 of 30 (Excellent)
    12 Average, 18 Good, 24 Excellent, 30 Godlike.

    mane, mantra, mare, mart, marten, mate, matter, mean, meant, meat, name, perm, pram, ramp, rampant, ream, tame, tamp, tamper, team, temp, tempt, term, tram, tramp

    — Click here to show solutions —

  35. Avigail Abarbanel

    Hi, a wee while ago Word Cube started to not show properly on iPad and iPhone. The letters in the boxes are not in black anymore but in a shade of blue that’s really hard to see against the background blue colour. I know it’s not the most important thing in the world, but I have enjoyed your Word Cube for years and would love to continue to use it. At the moment it’s almost impossible to see the letters in the matrix. Many thanks!

  36. Avigail Abarbanel

    Can send you a screen shot of what it looks like if you enable uploading images. Cheers!

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