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This page was created for feedback from users of wordcube available via the wordcube website or as an app for android phones (available in market). Filling in these polls and leaving feedback will help improve wordcube for everyone.

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Thanks for your feedback. Please post any bugs, suggestions, complaints or ideas below.


  1. mat

    @javanut Thanks, I’m learning java for my android apps 🙂

    I’ve been looking into the problems with the dictionary and I haven’t found a good place to get a new dictionary from but an option to change between US/UK/Others would be great.

    I can add a timer in easily enough, stay tuned.

    Leaderboard is trickier as it is very easy for people to cheat, however I am looking into adding a way to track your performance currently, maybe using openID of facebook/twitter to login.

  2. peter

    Mat,Long time no speak…(as they say)
    I was wondering how you are working towards making wordcube a more enjoyable & satisfying experience for all of us “word cubers”.
    Last time we communicated you were looking at getting some rationalisation to the dictionary side of things,something we all of course hold most important in extracting some sort of “satisfaction” in applying ourselves every day to your latest offering.
    I assume you are still working on this most important aspect over & above other refinements of things like leader boards & such periferal crap.
    Tonight I sit attempting to be top of the heap with 2010/11/26 & am at a loss that though you allow “inquirer” as valid you do not allow “inquire”.
    Matt ,this is the kind of incongruity that has lingered with wordcube for a very long time .I don’t know what others think but there’s not a lot of confidence or satisfaction for me right now.

  3. jfk

    LOVE Word cube. Thanks for making it, and for wanting to update it to meet users’ requests. Good luck with uni, and hope you get a chance to come up for air. BTW: when you do change the dictionary, I don’t think you need to go back and redo any of the old ones. We can just go forward.
    Thanks for a great game,

  4. mat

    Just an update, I’ve found some suitable dictionaries for US/UK/CA languages, I just need to do some filtering on these to remove the obviously stupid words.

    I will have to update all the previous ones to account for other languages anyway and the scripts I’ll have to write will be useful for future proofing. In theory I have some free time this Sunday, so I hope to get a bit of work on it done then.

  5. peter

    Mat!!!,re 2010/12/12

    Why not ovens you use them every day mate??##?

    Iwas gonna say something like its’ about time you got yer(xxxxxxx) arse into gear.
    So why not?????


  6. Avigail Abarbanel

    Hi Mat, Thanks for all the good work you are putting into the word cube. Much appreciated. I wanted to ask why words like ‘lays’ (the present tense of ‘lay’ as in: ‘The hen lays an egg each morning’, or ‘anally’ the adverb of ‘anal’ aren’t included in your word list/dictionary. I hope it’s just an oversight. Cheers, Avigail

  7. Ian Barnes

    Hi Mat,

    Great game. I’ve been enjoying it on both phone and computer.

    Like several other commenters I’ve been having some frustrations with the word list… mostly with common words not being accepted, but also very occasionally weird non-words showing up in the list of solutions.

    I was just reading in the comments that you’re in the process of looking for a new and improved word list. You might want to consider looking at SCOWL (Spell Checker Oriented Word Lists), available from The lists are broken down into different categories, both by type of English (British, American etc) and also by size of list/weirdness of words.

    As others have already written, you don’t want the biggest, most comprehensive list to end all lists, because then it will be mostly strange/stupid words that nobody has ever heard of, and it takes a lot of the fun out of the game. But you also don’t want the list to be too small: there should be some challenge.

    A facility for adding — or challenging — words in the list dynamically would also be fun. Might generate lots of discussion and interest too.

    It should be fairly easy to have the site take a visitor to an American or British version of the puzzle automatically depending on their location, but with a link allowing Brits in the US or vice-versa to switch to their preferred version. A bit of extra work I guess, but I’m assuming you’ve got a lot of this automated so it should be a one-off effort, not ongoing. (And if not, there’s another good programming exercise for you…)

    Good luck with it all. I hope this helps.

    Kind regards,


  8. Anita Watkins

    The past couple of days the puzzles have been blank in both of my browers. Anybody know what the problem is.


  9. mat

    @Ian thanks, that’s very useful.

    @Anita That was a problem with one of my scripts, I have fixed it now and updated the missing ones.

  10. Stephen

    In the puzzle of 24 Feb, “senescent” should be listed among the possible words. Also, plural words such as “sentences” should not be allowed in these puzzles.

  11. Earl McCarroll

    We are enjoying your invention here in the States, but would probably not get so angry at it if you posted your “rules” in the directions or, at least, somewhere on the website.

    First, and foremost: (1) Full disclosure that your spelling and vocabulary will be Brit.
    a. Some Brit slang is allowed, but no Yank, except those we’ve adopted (lite, deli)
    b. No “foreign” words allowed. Except those familiar to me, i.e., duvet but not brie, even though we have
    as many bries on our tables as duvets on our beds.
    This will warn us not to try to “-ize” anything and that our curbs become kerbs, goiters goitres, and tykes tikes.

    (2) Plurals are at my whim. You may have several ilks, but only one klutz. (Klutz is as English as duvet.)
    (3) If you think of perfectly good words, i.e., tiered, lays, ondine, undine, emit, evert — you may count them in your
    score, but I will not. I don’t care if they are in the dictionary and lite and klutz are not.
    (4) I will not allow re as a prefix. Unless I feel like it.
    And, of course, any others by which you abide. If forewarned, we may not scream at the screen quite as much and will enjoy the game even more. Thanks!

  12. mat

    Glad you enjoy it and I appreciate you giving feedback 🙂

    I do intent to update wordcube to support different languages (or rather dictionaries), I never really expected it to get that popular. Unfortunately I am currently very busy at the moment so I can’t promise when I will be able to complete this by. Yeah I’ve never really been a massive fan of rules, so I kinda want to allow any “dictionary” word, but this requires me obtaining a good dictionary file.

    Anyway thanks for your patience, hope to update wordcube soon!


  13. jean

    Hello Mat
    I’m on Jack’s computer and enjoying playing on wordcube(although not scoring very high marks!) Your comment that you are not too fond of rules made me smile !! X Mum

  14. yakub

    In today’s Wordcube, 2011/07/11, there are some missing words: effuse, luff, luffs. How do you generate the words for the solutions, and are they checked before publishing? It’s a little frustrating to have perfectly valid words rejected.

  15. Eric Pierce

    Thanks for WordCube! I play it often, and find it much more stimulating during idle minutes than, say, Sudoku. My 4-year old enjoys trying to play along too.

    Just a couple oddities I’ve noticed since I started playing–the WordCube of 2011/07/20 wouldn’t take “vigor”. Also, the one on 2011/07/10 didn’t accept “honor”. Seems odd that these common words weren’t allowed, when the puzzle of 2011/06/25 included “umiak”(!?) among its solutions. I’ve noticed that a lot of loanwords aren’t valid (cafe, etude, etc.) which makes sense, but it seems like very common English words should always be allowed.

  16. Rich Marsubian

    another solution for today’s puzzle (10-24-11) using
    all the letters would be: winelover

  17. Rich Marsubian

    puzzle of 11/10/11 missed:


    tule (a California bulrush)

  18. Sanjiv

    Small glitch: your solutions don’t include words like lays, corgi, coir. Otherwise, Word Cube is great fun, I enjoy doing it every day!

  19. Paul

    Some words are not included at times. I’d like to know what dictionary is being used.

  20. Paul

    From wordcube 2011 Dec 18: WOTOHDSTI
    Not included: soho,

    From wordcube 2011 Dec 17: DEADNEDLI
    Not included: dane, laiden, nile

    I know you’re busy with your thesis but you might want to let your users know what dictionary you are using. I use wordcube almost every day. Thanks very much

  21. Johnny

    This is a game I play everyday whenever I have a few minutes to spare. I recently switched to using an iPhone instead of a droid. I’d love to see a version of the app available on iTunes. I can access the website on the phone, but the interface is a little slow to respond and overlaps kind of oddly. I love this game.. Even if it doesn’t think “guitar” is a word. Keep up the good work guys.

  22. Avigail

    Hi, In today’s wordcube (13 January) why is “risk” not a valid word???

  23. Maureen Hanley

    On today’s wordcube, Jan 29, why is oaked not a valid word? Wine is oaked…

  24. Anita Watkins

    Love to play, but ‘blog’ should be accepted as a word in today’s puzzle.

  25. Earl

    Since you don’t allow French, what is a “nous” in English? And why do you never allow “lays”? Thank you.

  26. denise

    on todays (5/14/12)cube valor, favor, flavor are not valid words. why not?

  27. Earl

    What is an “inti”, other than an Inca name for god?

  28. doug

    A word of thanks for offering this wordcube on your website. I have enjoyed it for a couple of years now.

  29. doug

    Why isn’t “kdjfo” or “oalekro” allowed?

    Just kidding!!! Keep up the good work!!

  30. Avigail

    Hi, what happened to the android mobile version of the wordcube??? Just got a new phone and trying to install the app but I can’t find it… Help!

  31. George

    The word SHUTE is missing from your list for 30/06/2012. Example:’ laundry shute’

  32. Bob

    Today’s WordCube, 2012/08/06, missed “RIGOR” and “WAGON”.

  33. Bob

    WordCube 2012/08/10 missed the word “VIGOR”, as in physical strength.

  34. Bob

    WordCube 2012/08/11, missed “TILAPIA”, a type of fish.

  35. Bob

    WordCube 2012/08/26 missed “PUCE”, a brilliant purplish red color

  36. Bob

    WordCube 2012/09/02 missed four words:
    PEND – to await judgement or settlement.
    GAPPED – having a break or opening.
    PEEN – striking end of a hammer opposite the face. Also a verb.
    PANED – having panes.

  37. Sue

    There is a mistake in today’s puzzle. (9/11/12)
    There is no ‘e’ next to an ‘r’ in the setup.

  38. Ellen Rosen

    I LOVE Word Cube!! one of my two favorite games. But I’m switching to an iPhone. Any plans to write the game for iPhone/iPad?

  39. Ginny Dickson

    I did not like that one…but generally I love the daily challenge, but today I thought you were a bit of an …….. shall leave that to you to decipher Mr PhD! Enjoying the daily challenge…bring it on xxoo

  40. Ginny Dickson

    okay, they have been easy the last few days, what is going on? I do enjoy it when I can look at it and see the nine letter word straight out, but then I get deflated…so what is going on here???

  41. Josie

    I’m loving Word Cube! I notice though, that many valid words are frequently omitted. Case in point, today’s cube (5.10.13) wouldn’t take
    ‘vigor’ as a valid word. Regardless, it’s very addicting…great way to while away a few minutes during an otherwise monotonous workday. Keep up the great work!

  42. Bob

    WordCube 2013/06/03 allowed “oven” but missed the word “ovens”.

  43. barbie

    in today’s cube, why is oven a word but ovens is not???
    vent/vents worked

  44. Ellen

    August 7 Wordcube is blank- a first!?!?!?

  45. Mary

    I work at a High School and the teacher uses it as a fun tool to encourage thinking and spelling. You’d be surprised at some of the words they list. I’m learning of slang words I didn’t know existed when I correct the papers.

  46. Anne Modarressi

    Why do you never allow the word “lays”? It is perfectly acceptable, both as a verb and as a noun.

  47. Ginny Dickson

    hey where are you and what is going on – missing the daily wordcube, hope all is well!

  48. t

    is dingos not a word? dingo is so what is the plural of dingo

  49. Anne Modarressi

    Why no “risk”?

  50. Anita

    Jan 6
    ‘ovens’ should have been included

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