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This page was created for feedback from users of wordcube available via the wordcube website or as an app for android phones (available in market). Filling in these polls and leaving feedback will help improve wordcube for everyone.

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Thanks for your feedback. Please post any bugs, suggestions, complaints or ideas below.


  1. brittany

    I love the wordcubes and wish there were more than 1 a day! I go back and play old ones I haven’t played before! They’re my guilty pleasure at work and my boyfriend and I face off on our laptops! (I always win :D)

  2. brittany

    sometimes i just have a mental lapse….but humor should be in….as far as i can tell…..?

  3. mat

    Hi brittany, thanks for your encouraging feedback. You’ve stumbled upon the difference between British English and American English (I’m assuming your American, correct me if I’m wrong). We spell ‘humor’ as ‘humour’, I’m afraid there is no obvious fix for this currently. Hopefully this isn’t a major problem for you, shouldn’t be too many words that are different.

  4. doug

    I would prefer that you keep the target number of words on each page so we know when to quit! Thanks and I enjoy doing these word cubes.

  5. mat


    Yeah I forgot to add that back in when I updated the design. I’ve added it back in now.


  6. Avigail


    There is a little mistake in the new look wordcube page. The field for ‘Excellent’ and ‘Godlike’ are the same. This shows the same number for both, in the list of targets for each puzzle. We know the Godlike is different because it appears in the ‘count’.

    I thought you might want to fix that.



  7. mat

    Thanks Avigail, I’ve fixed it now.


  8. brittany


    Fortunately, I am not an American! Unfortunately I am a Canadian who reads a lot of American material 😉 I half expected this to be an American site, hence my confusion! hehe

    On April 10 I tried the word Plantar (like plantar warts or plantar fasciitis) but it didn’t work… is it considered medical so it doesn’t count?

  9. Avigail

    Thanks Mat, that’s great!

  10. mat

    Canadians are cool. Yeah I’ve not heard of plantar before, but it doesn’t use a capital letter. I’m not sure where to stand on these issues, and insight or ideas on your behalf would be useful.

    I was planning on implementing a page where you can put in words that you believe are words but did not validate in the wordcube. These words can then be checked and placed into the dictionary. Perhaps the same for removal of bad words (although all are checked against

  11. Anonymous

    WordCube (2010/04/28)

    Great 9 letter.

  12. doug

    2010/05/06 word cube; “odor” doesn’t work? this is such a basic word!

  13. mat

    Odor is an American spelling of odour. This is using an English dictionary.

  14. doug

    Understood. Thanks for the quick response!

  15. Shelley

    Etui ( ) isn’t in your dictionary? I know it’s a favourite of crosswords.

    Thanks for the site, I look forward to my daily game during my lunch break.

  16. Shelley

    You don’t have scrum either

  17. mat


    Yeah some other people noticed scrum wasn’t in the dictionary, I still need to get round to building a form for adding words to my dictionary. I will start work on it when I get some free time.

    Thanks for your feedback 🙂

  18. theresa

    Thank you for the game, I love it.
    Wish I could create one.
    sometimes there are words that arent recognized

  19. Mo

    The game is good – but sometimes it’s necessary to type a word in twice, as the first time it’s not recognised???

  20. doug

    Hi I love your daily wordcubes. One very small comment–when you type in the word, the space does not show the bottom of the letter (“y” looks just like “v”).

  21. Bill

    Hi Mat
    My wife and I really enjoy your daily wordcube. We were wondering if there is an easy way to get to previous wordcubes rather than having to repeatedly click the previous button. We are accessing December 2009 puzzles at the moment and it would be helpful if there was a short cut to get back to earlier puzzles.

    Thanks for the great site.


  22. M.S. Gill

    Myself and my son Matthew love Wordcube, we play it every day in Mimosa mete!

  23. mat

    @Bill You can access a wordcube for a specific date by changing the date in the url like the following for the wordcube on 19th June 2010:

    I am still working on a nicer way to choose a wordcube from a specific date.

  24. Bill

    Dear Mat,
    Thanks for the reply. My wife and I appreciate you letting us know the shortcut.

    Kind regards


  25. John Malbon

    With regard to puzzle 2010/06/29, and the Free (Farlex) Online Dictionary would permit the use of the word “NIDE”
    In any case, thanks for your site and the puzzle.

  26. Sarah


    Love wordcube, thanks for publishing it!

    Please don’t make it so that it includes a billion little words that are virtually unused and unknown. I used to do word polygon on the times website til they just took it off. This one is way better, for that reason, and because it is interactive on the site.


  27. Mimi

    I’d love a portable version for my iPod. Any hope of one?

  28. mat

    @Mimi Afraid not, you could just access the website on your ipod. I am an android coder so if you got an android phone you could enjoy wordcube on the go 😉

    @Sarah Thanks, I get annoyed at all the never used words they include which makes the targets very unrealistic. There are some stupid words in the dictionary I use, but not enough to ruin the fun of wordcube.

  29. peter

    re wordcube 2010/08/25
    why not “carob”?

  30. mat

    because it sounds like a bit of a rubbish word (it’s not in the dictionary)

  31. peter

    Mat,following entry may be found in ,the website linked to your allowable words I believe?

    car·ob   /ˈkærəb/ Show Spelled[kar-uhb] Show IPA

    1. a Mediterranean tree, Ceratonia siliqua, of the legume family, bearing long, leathery pods containing hard seeds and sweet, edible pulp.
    2. Also called St. John’s-bread, algarroba, locust bean. the pod of this tree, the source of various foodstuffs, including a substitute for chocolate, as well as substances having several industrial uses, and sometimes used as food for animals.
    3. a powder made from the ground pods and seeds of this tree and used in cooking, esp. as a substitute for chocolate.

  32. jfk

    I just discovered word cube and LOVE it. I support the proposed “suggest a word” feature. I saw the post where you are not planing an app for the ipod (pity), but thanks for the suggestion to play directly off the web. Better than nothing, but I’l love an iphone app!

  33. peter

    re wordcube 2010/09/03
    schlep,schlepp,schlepped(the main word no less)?????? —- more rubbish words huh Mat?

  34. mat

    Yeah it’s a crazy word, your right 😛 I really need to improve the dictionary I use. However this is a non-trivial task. I will try and figure out what to do this weekend.

  35. peter

    Thanks Mat ,
    I really enjoy the wordcube,but here are 3 more that i can’t understand why they are not valid for wordcube 2010/09/04


    They all appear in ,your prsent source(?)
    Keep up the good work!

  36. peter

    woops sorry,forget alpaca ..too many a’s

  37. Peter

    Hello Mat,
    Haven’t heard from you for a while.
    I’m doing today’s cube (2010/09/18) & find 4 commom english words that fit but you do not allow.All again are in

    They are :
    note the last 2 words (even though you allow comer)

    Any comments?
    Hope to hear from you soon!
    Best Regards,


  38. mat

    @Peter Hey Peter, sorry for delay in replying I’ve been getting a lot of emails recently it’s quite easy for some to fall through the cracks. I agree that something needs to be done, probably get a new file to use as the dictionary. I will look into it but I am quite busy at uni currently so that is taking a priority, will let you know when I update it.

  39. theresa

    love the game! play everyday.
    noticed on todays 9/22, it won’t accept the word ” odor”
    keep up the great work. thanks a bunch

  40. theresa

    and the plural, odors

  41. mat

    @theresa Thanks. That’s the American spelling, we spell it odour(s) over here. I may consider adding different dictionaries into my next upgrade… but I don’t know when that will be as I’m quite busy at the moment 🙁

  42. oaty

    I keep finding that the cube solutions are not thorough enough! for instance, I was not given EPEE ( sword ), BAIN ( bath), or BAIRN ( child ) on some of the cubes?
    Are the solutions checked for EVERY possible word ?

  43. oaty

    there are jumble word solution net sites or I find that SCRABBLE cheat sites are ideal to get every word !

  44. peter

    Hi Mat,

    Re cube 2010/09/27

    More dissallowed words for you to ponder PONG,PONGS..

    Also no record for SORING in .No such word but was allowed in today’s cube!!?

  45. mat

    @oaty , @peter Haha, ok I am looking into finding a new dictionary to use and also about implement a system that can validate new words on the fly, maybe a points system based on the length of the word too.

    When I do find a new dictionary to use, do you think I should go back over every wordcube and update them or should I leave the previous ones as they are? Would like to hear your opinions on that and the above suggestions.

  46. peter

    Hi Mat,tks for yr update.I thought you used as your “source” (yes?)

    I don’t personally have a problem with sticking to that.But there are many on line dics to choose from.
    But we need to have something comprehensive that we trust & has all the commonly used words that seem to be disallowed too often in w/cube.
    e.g. w/cube 2010/09/28 –what’s wrong with “salvia” –(it’s a type of flower my mum used to grow)

    Love your work Mat!

  47. mat

    @peter I used a dictionary from a linux machine and used to remove the words that were clearly rubbish (automated). There are many online dictionaries to choose from but it is much more difficult to just find a complete word list that I can use in my programs. I am going to address this soon by finding some sort of super-dictionary and then we can all live by its rule.

    Thanks for the feedback 🙂

  48. Simon

    Can you put a small clickable calendar pop-up in the button row along the bottom, as this would allow one to go back to a certain date without clicking the back arrow. Even if the ‘Today’ button actually open as a calendar.

    The reason being I like to go back through the puzzles and I every time I visit the page I have to click all the way back.


  49. peter

    Hi Mat,
    How are you progressing with the dictionary to end all dictionaries??
    I was enjoying WC 2010/10/30 but find there is another acceptable main word (according to which is …… “verberate”

    Please let us know how you are getting on with the
    “”Final Solution”” & when we can all finally “word cube” with confidence!

    Kind Regards,

  50. javanut

    Mat congrats on this old classic. I only found it today and boy am I glad.
    I think you have done a fantastic job and only reason I found this is because I’m a java programer myself and was thinking of making this app as I was dissatisfied with what I found out there.

    I have some suggestions
    -an option to choose dictionary english -US?
    -How about an optional timer if you want a performance score/metric…which leads to my next suggestion
    – how about a leader board? Upload to a ‘hall of fame’ .

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