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Advancing PyMan (using python’s pygame to recreate pacman)

A while back I followed a few tutorials on creating a pacman game in python using pygame. I took the resulting code from these tutorials and added several enhancements. Unfortunately I haven’t had enough time to continue with the code, so hopefully this code is of use to someone learning python to play with and further enhance (Who knows might end up feature complete!).

Screen shot of PyMan in action

Screen shot of PyMan in action

Enhancements over original code

  • start menu
  • sounds
  • multiple ghosts
  • not having to hold down a directional button constantly
  • can press a direction before a turn and will turn at next opertunity (like real pacman)
  • probably more stuff that I’ve forgotten about by now

Source Files – The source and files, to run the game just run “python”

I believe the site where I got the original code from was (not 100% sure) and the following links to the tutorials:
Tutorial 1
Tutorial 2
Tutorial 3

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Utilising the notification system in KDE or Gnome in bash scripts (ubuntu 9.10 / linux)

So you want to use the nice notification features available in your desktop environment (KDE or Gnome) from a script you wrote? Below explains how to do just that for the two different environments.


The code below will use kdialog (should be installed along with kde) to create a popup message that displays for 3 seconds before closing:

kdialog --passivepopup 'notification message!' 3

This should look like the image below:

kdialog passive popup notification

kdialog passive popup notification

Source: stackoverflow


A similar tool is available for gnome, but to the best of my knowledge (I don’t really use gnome) you need to install a package. The libnotify-

sudo apt-get install libnotify-bin

The command notify-send can then be used to create notifications from your script.

notify-send -t 3000 "notification title" "notification text"

Where 3000 is the timeout in milliseconds (so 3 seconds). notify-send features some nice additional options such as the ability to include images eg:

notify-send -i /home/user/exampleicon.png -t 3000 "notification title" "notification text"

Source: Coder’s Talk

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