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How to tell android which volume (media/ringtone etc.) should be controlled by your app

In my android apps I was getting annoying problems that whilst playing sound the volume buttons would control the media volume, but when no sound was playing they would control the ringtone volume. I found the following by trial and error, hopefully this post will help people with the same problem.

This is done by placing a call of setVolumeControlStream in the onCreate part of your activity which takes on of the following values

  • AudioManager.STREAM_MUSIC
  • AudioManager.STREAM_RING
  • AudioManager.STREAM_ALARM
  • AudioManager.STREAM_SYSTEM

Below shows the code required to set your applications default volume control to any of the above values:

Media Volume (Music/Video etc…)


Ringtone Volume


Alarm Volume


Notification Volume


System Volume


Voicecall Volume


I imagine this is also possible via and XML settings, if anyone knows of this I’d be very grateful to know how!

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